Divination & Skin Care

Divination & Skin Care

How your tarot can influence your everyday skin care routines

This tool of divination has plenty of symbolisms within each card that can be intuitively interpreted by you or professionally reviewed by a Tarot Reader. Viewing your cards through this lens, Tarot can support you through your journey to feeling and looking your best. Let's use the Empress card as an example. Within this Empress card, she rests confidently within her feminine energy, in the presents of mother nature. She embraces nature by imbuing her skin wellness with what mother nature provides. Flowers uplift the spirit and inspire self love. With this card, it also shares wearing clothes and your hair that embrace your feminine power.

Crafting Skincare with The Empress 

Create your own body mist by imbuing a spray bottle of water with pink, red, and orange rose petals. You can also add a rose quartz or two to super charge your intentions of self love and to attract more romance in your life. Combine all your ingredients and let infuse for two or three nights in the moon light on a window sill before using. You can even write your intentions of self love on your bottle to shine light on what you want to heal or maintain. Use through out each day to uplift the energy you radiate and to draw in more love into your life. 


Can you use Tarot to support your Health and Well-being as well?

Yes, Tarot can be used for health and wellness insights as well. Certain cards are actually connected with health issues and can guide you to where you may need to take care or seek professional help. Always seek professional support for medical health and Well-being of course. However, you can have a card or three to check-in with their feelings, emotions, or something they could be physically experiencing. Start by asking "what do I need to know about what I'm feeling or experiencing?" This question gives clarity. Second, and most important, follow it up with, "how can I improve my health or well being" in this area and what is it that I can act on right now.

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