What’s changed my skin the most in the last three months?

What’s changed my skin the most in the last three months?

Well, I think this well known secret may surprise you. Is it water? Sure no one should say no to water. Definitely just as important as what I’m about to share with you. But let me share a little about my journey with my own skin first. There’s a lot of trauma, heartbreak, a lot of thrills and horrors most edge of your seat movies are made of events along this journey of mine, but I promise I’ll keep it short and sweet. So where to start…let’s start in the middle! A few years back, I was in and out Clinical offices looking for support with my physical conditions that I was told grew from my PTSD, anxiety, and depression. All kinds of random rashes, sensitivities, flares of eczema, and crazy spreads of hives, among other undesired physical conditions. Now, I’m on a positive journey to well balanced skin. I'm getting older, but my skin is improving!  Which physically shows proof of my internal and mental health. No more eye catching skin conditions that were my constant reminder of my chaotic health and wellbeing. What changed? My mindset! And not over night, it was more of journey through my awakening. There’s so much negative energy being produced and shared in the world. I think most folks do this not really taking into account how negative energy affects their auras and those around them and can seep into your Chakras, and also in turn attracts even more negative energy into their lives. Have you ever noticed how you attract what you think and talk about? I’ve experienced this first hand, both blessings and disasters. I can’t control all the things of this world or the people in it, none of us can. We all got our own load of dirty laundry to heal/cleanse. We can’t control every thought that arises in our mine, but we can mindfully reflect our emotions through out the day and make a conscious effort to elevate the energy of our emotions. Which in turn improves our daily experiences. I'll share an old shadow of mine with you, I use to take myself way too seriously. I’m done with that!!!

Allowing myself to be more loving, patient, forgiving, excepting, and nurturing of myself has opened doors to more love and light in my life. If I can except that God can love me, I can love myself right? So what’s changed my skin the most in the last three months? My perspective of my life, my mind, body, and my spirit. Starting with consciously improving my emotions, aka energy in motion. I’m allowing myself to grow and evolve into the person and the skin I’m supposed to be experiencing right now and tomorrow. Everyday is filled with new hope, love, and blessings from this day forward. I can say this because that is exactly what I’ve been experiencing. You can too! I have so much to share with you through Holistic Skin Therapies, DIY’s, and 1:1 support, remotely and/or within our in-person sessions. We’ll review the Elements of holistic skin wellness and discover some practices you can blend into your lifestyle and so much more.

XOXO and with gratitude always,

Elemi - Your Skin Therapy Coach and Holistic Esthetician 


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