A Little More About Me!

Q. What is my favorite thing about being an Esthetician?

A. Being a lifetime student in Holistic Skincare studies. There's so many elements and layers of holistic skincare I can dig into that I'm always learning something fun and useful. and I can even apply to my own skin rituals and lifestyle. I actually have a few other favorite things about being an Esthetician! The peaceful secluded environment, I like 1:1 time with my clients as we get to know each other, I get to know their skin, and I get to be of service to clients!

Q. What are my outside interests and hobbies? 

A. I like acting like a tourist in North Carolina and other states with my girls and grandson. I'm an enthusiast of loose tea and Tea Expos! I've attended a few Tea Expos within the United States like Portland,OR., Las Vegas, NV., Seattle, WA.. My last favorite Tea Event was in Summerville, South Carolina - The Sweet Tea Festival. Definitely worth the weekend trip! I also am a guardian to over 80 or so houseplants, I like crabbing and fishing- I spent my summers in the delta waters of California on my dads' houseboat as a child. I enjoy attending Spiritual events like the Mind,Body, and Spirit Event here in Raleigh, making household and skincare products, plus bath and body products, beeswax candle making, an aspiring herbalist (this my take the rest of my life, so much to knowledge that is shared out there), and I enjoy a good book with a tall cup of Lavender London Fog Tea Latte or chilled Oat Milk Matcha with lavender syrup. Oh wait! There's also my wonderful tumeric, orange juice with a squeeze of lemon, a splash of almond milk, and a pinch of cayan pepper and saffron heated latte...Delicious!

Q. What's my current favorite holistic skin therapy ritual

A. I discovered through another spiritual Esthetician a while back, the process of making Moon Energy infused water imbued with essential oils and healing crystals. Still my my fav. to use through out the day to refresh my skin and rejuvenate the energy around me. 

Q. Outside of my Estheticians' License, what online Certifications I have obtained that have been imbued into my services

A. Reiki Master Certification with Lisa Powers - Crystal Reiki Healing Certification with Lisa Powers - Chakra Healing and Advanced Chakra Healing Certification with Melissa Crowhurst - Crystal Healing with Melissa Crowhurst - Mindfulness and Tea Certification with Dr. Margot Duncan - Herbalist Certification with Elizabeth Heck - Aromatherapy Certification with Mark Perren Jones and another Aromatherapy Certification with Tina Samuels - Clinical Aromatherapy Certifiation with Mark Perren Jones - Aroma Touch with Doterra - Holistic Skincare Certification with Nicole Dionne - Singing Bowls Certification with Ann Martin - Spiritual Awakening Certification with Vivian Patton - Shadow Work Essentials certification with Penelope Badger - Facial Gua Sha Certification with Mark Perren Jones - Zen & The Art of Natural Skincare certification with Nicole DeVaney - The Spirit of Ayurveda Certification with Daniel Satya - Aromatherapy Skincare Certification with Alison Corriea - Healing Hyperpigmentation certification with Dr. Pallavi Vasiht. 

 I also enjoy immersing myself in self studies as well, so I have a massive book collection that relates to Holistic Skincare Therapies too! 

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