About Skin Therapy Services & Coaching With Elemi

Nice to meet you!

Hi, My name is Elemi. Pronounced L-M-EE. Here's a little bit of my story. A quick little fun fact about my name to start. Elemi is actually a tree that grows in the Philippines. It has medicinal properties and is used as an essential oil. I've met only one other Elemi in California years back and she was a beautiful two year old at the time. 

I'm a Licensed Cosmetologist and Esthetician from California and Washington State. And have been self employed ever since obtaining my licenses. Since moving to New Bern, NC. I acquired several certifications that imbue my Esthetician services through the mind, body, spirit. Which shine light on my values, personal self-care practices, and my intentional desire to infuse my lifestyle practices into my business.

Lifetime Student Lifestyle

Ever since acquiring my Esthetician License back in 2010, I have been inspired to advance my education in clean natural products since it's what I blend into my own lifestyle and skincare rituals. Over the last few years, I've become a Reiki Master, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Singing Bowl Therapy Practitioner, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Aromatherapy Practitioner, Aspiring Herbalist Practitioner, Natural household product Artisan, Natural Skin Care product Artisan, Candle Artisan, Bath and Body Artisan, All things Tea Enthusiast, and Holistic Skincare Wellness Practitioner. And I will continue to advance my knowledge and practices to better my own life experience and to better my offerings for my clients. 


Many years back I was diagnosed with PTSD, generalized anxiety, and depression. Which I thought I could deal with all by myself until I started to physically experience the effects of it all - eczema, skin sensitivities, consumption intolerances, hives, contact dermatitis, rashes, and debilitating body pains. At one point it took over my whole life. When I left Washington state to move out here to North Carolina. I decided I was not going to accept my multiple diagnosis's as fate. I was going to start my healing process from the inside, out. So I took a self prescribed sabbatical from my business since the move across the United States and focused on Holistic Wellness, Botanicals, Holistic Wellness, Holistic Skin Therapies, and Spiritual type Certifications that are still transforming my skin and my life and I knew would benefit my future business goals and services as a Holistic Esthetician. 

Holistic Wellness Journey

It's been one heck of a journey thus far! And yet despite all that I've been through with my skin and my life, I have more faith in God and my abilities than I have ever in my whole life at this point. I've had some dark shadows to work through and heal that I felt were affecting so many elements of my holistic wellness, and definitely including physical effects on my body and my skin. Weird rashes all over, eczema, hives, contact dermatitis, sensitivities internally and with my skin, severe pain in my body that couldn’t be diagnosed outside of my PTSD, anxiety, and depression. I’ve been humbled from all that I have experienced so far and so grateful I have so much love and light to share with others and also finally excepting in receiving light and love too! By blending more of mind, body, and spiritual practices into my esthetician services, I've become more inspired to provide the best and healthiest holistic skincare wellness therapies I myself love to ritualize and love to provide for others. 

What is Holistic Skin Therapy with Me, Elemi

This type of therapy considers your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs to achieve a healthy balance of body, mind, and spirit. Holistically, I focus on making use of natural ingredients, support ethical and spiritual practices, nurturing empowering self care rituals and DIY products to experiment with at home and to imbue into your lifestyle.


What is Skin Therapy Coaching with Me, Elemi

I share my own experiences and also share other Estheticians and past Clients' experiences with Holistic Skincare Wellness. Through virtual coaching, we work together to work with current skin types and heal current skin conditions by including aspects of your holistic wellness and how it's affecting the largest organ your guardian over, your skin. Then we work with internal and external elements that can be improved to better support your skin goals. You get to choose what you want to focus on, how long, and how many visible results you want to experience. How much you participate in your own journey also nurtures what you get out of your sessions and th results you experience. We can coordinate in-person services and coaching sessions to meet your needs or you can just receive the your coaching sessions remotely and practice making the DIY's and suggested rituals on your own time to evolve your holistic skin wellness. There are no required commitments for my Skin Therapy Coaching, but I do recommend 6 sessions over three months for best results in your Skin Therapy Coaching experience. I also have a six week skin therapy program that compliments the six bi-weekly coaching sessions, for in-person facial sessions that are personalized for each skin type and skin condition. 

My Desired Experience For You

My in-depth consultation and health history analysis provides my clients with trust in knowing I have their best holistic skin care wellness and interest in mind always. My focus within Holistic Skin Therapies is working with seasoned, mature skin, over Sun kissed skin, pre-mature aging, rosacea, adult acne, hyper pigmentation, sensitivities, eczema, after skin cancer natural therapies, and psoriasis. I do like to partner up with other Wellness and Beauty Providers. Estheva Spa and Permanent Cosmetics has a with a plethora of services offered, plus there is a Nail Salon that has expanded into the suite right next door! So you can expect to get first access to limited packaged promotional services through out the year. My Skin Therapies and sessions are imbued with holistic skincare wellness, as I incorporate natural, spiritual, and other skincare modalities to provide not just a service, but a mind, body, and spirit experience for clients that can be personalized to best benefit each individual.
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